Underwater ROVs
About Us
The world’s most affordable, ready-to-use multi-purpose ROV.

It comes with 100 meter long, pluggable data cable. Surface electronics are not included.

For more information you can check underwater ROVs page.
Product Description
Rugged space genius

The Hikio ROV’s frame excels in efficient space usage. Its open structure makes it easy to attach additional extensions and features. The body is built to withstand any harsh underwater conditions.

Engineered in-house buoyancy foam

The floating foam’s pressure resistance provides buoyancy at any depth by maintaining its volume. The coating ensures a high impact resistance.

In-house engineered and manufactured

This provides us to implement cost effective engineering solutions.

The world's smallest ROV controller system

With only 7 cm outer diameter and 10 cm length, it saves weight and space for less power consumption and more additional attachment possibilities.

A hardware designed to
save valuable energy

Most ROVs on the market consume a lot of energy and space by running on single board computers with high-level programming. Hikio ROV saves precious resources by in-house developed controller hardware running a firmware based on low-level programming.

Expandable design
Five cameras better than one

The ROVs expandable design and its ethernet based system allow the attachment of up to 5 cameras. The system is built to enable the simultaneous communication of several IP based devices.

Turn your ROV into a router

The ROV’s cable reel is designed to function as a remotely controllable router. Connected to a modem via WiFi or ethernet cable, it allows internet connection and data upload to cloud systems on the spot.
Technical Information
25 cm height, 24 cm width and 28 cm length
Expandable system based on 100 Mbps ethernet
4 thrusters
1 HD camera (expandable, supports up to 5 cameras)
100 meters depth rating
6 hours operation time
Easy to charge (no battery removal necessary)
Wet contact enabled on/off electronic system with 0.0001 mA power consumption in standby mode
Controller software available for Android and iOS based mobile devices
1x ready-to-use, assembled Hikio ROV underwater vehicle
1x charging adapter
1x 100 meter long, pluggable data cable