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Underwater thruster module with a connector which allows easy installation. Motor is thermally protected, specially insulated motors for underwater applications, assembled together with all mechanical parts such as propeller, rear cover and front cover. Its 20 cm ESC cable is already attached and sealed.
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Product Description
20 cm esc cable is attached to the thruster module. One side of this esc cable is attached to the motor and the other side has a connector. This connector allows easy installation. There is no extra work needed. Ready to use for underwater applications.

Pressure and water tolerant motor module is based on an outrunner brushless motor which uses motor crust as rotor. Highly effective motor can be create large torque with low KV enabling direct drive. Since its thermally coated, It doesn't lead to any cooling problems. Motor is consist of precisely balanced rotor for the best reliability and maximum rpm. Operating voltage range is 7 volt to 12 volt. Motor dimension is 28 mm diameter, 26 mm height.

The bearings are designed for underwater use. As mentioned earlier, cable is already attached and pressure sealed. The life cycle of the thruster will be significantly decreased if operating the thruster out of water. The product is based on brushless motor, which needs to be driven by an ESC. It cannot be directly connected to the battery. The battery specification recommends using 12V, 20A current.
Technical Information
Max current: 27A
Voltage range: 7-12V
Motor size:  ⌀28x26 mm
Max Power: 250W @ 12v
KV: 1000 KV
Pole Count: 14
Shaft: 3 mm
ESC cable length: 20 cm
Weight: 86 grams
Connector upper part size: 11.2 mm diameter
Connector thread length: 6.5 mm
Connector nut compliance: M6
Connector material: Aluminium 6061, black anodized
Motor module with 20 cm esc cable. The end of the cable a connector attached and sealed, ready for installation.
Propeller, rear cover and front cover are included.
Parts are already attached with screws.