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This aluminum housing has M3 screw holes on two sides which makes it very easy to mount on panels. Inner diameter is 71.0 mm and length is 129.5 mm. Tested up to 200 meter depth, this housing is perfect for sealing relatively large parts in underwater applications.

Inner diameter size fits very well with ROV controller electronic boards. There is no need to use special end cap. Just plain lid would work. There are o-ring placement on two sides of the housing. You can customize your own lid from acrylic or aluminum or order it from our website.
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Product Description
Depth rating is up to 200 meters. Depth values will vary depending on the material and thickness of the front and rear covers mounted on the housing.  Covers with aluminum material should be preferred, if deep waters are the subject.

This housing is a practical solution to make underwater battery systems or any other underwater related applications waterproof. It can easily be attached to the panels with M3 screw holes on the housing. Two o-ring placed on both sides will provide the sealing. The parts are processed by aluminum alloy CNC, and the hardened surface is treated later. The parts are anodized black.

Corrosion resistance and oxidation treatment of hardened surfaces. Inner diameter size fits very well with 3 cell lipo battery. There is no need to use special end cap. Just plain lid would work.
Technical Information
Depth: 200 meter
Length: 129.5 mm
Inner diameter: 71.0 mm
Outer diameter: 90.0 mm
Mounting holes: 8 in total, M3
Thread length: 6.0 mm
Weight: 320 grams
Material: Aluminium 6061, black anodized
1x Aluminum Underwater Tube H7100
2x O-ring (one piece for each sides)