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CNC machined screw connector made of aluminum with a diameter of only 11.2 mm. It is a connector with the smallest dimensions on the market. It is used to easily seal the cables that will enter the housing related underwater applications. After passing the cable through the screw, it should be filled with a paste like epoxy and workmanship should be applied.
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Product Description
This M6 screw connector is a practical solution to waterproof underwater wiring. First insert cable through the hole. Then seal it using epoxy resin. It can be attached to the housing with M6 nut or directly to the lid of the housing. O-ring attached on the connector will provide the sealing. The parts are processed by aluminum alloy CNC, and the hardened surface is treated later. The parts are anodized black.

It has wrench slot to make it easy to remove and tighten. Corrosion resistance and oxidation treatment of hardened surfaces. It has inner diameter in the bolt, leaving enough space for filling to implement sealing.
Technical Information
Upper part size: 11.2 mm diameter
Cable hole: 3 mm diameter
Thread length: 6.5 mm
Nut compliance: M6
Material: Aluminium 6061, black anodized
1x M6 Screw Connector
1x O-ring