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Rated to 160 meter depth these connector makes it so easy to connect and disconnect a cable. Female plug-in connector is by far the smallest size (having 3-pin with diameter 2.0mm each pins) on the market. This female connector is for use with Underwater Motor Module with 3-pin Pluggable Connector. This is sold separately and allows the motor module to be installed easily.
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Product Description
The female connector specially insulated for underwater applications, assembled together with all 3 female pins. Precise gold connectors with 2.0 mm diameter size of each can allow high current up to 20A.

This connector allows easy installation. There is no extra work needed. Ready to use for underwater applications. It can be attached to the housing lid with M16 nut or directly to the lid of the housing. O-ring attached on the connector will provide the sealing. It has wrench slot to make it easy to remove and tighten. The parts are processed by aluminum alloy CNC, and the hardened surface is treated later. The parts are anodized black.  Corrosion resistance and oxidation treatment of hardened surfaces.

In order to get the best current performance, finger prints or any kind of dirt should be removed.
Technical Information
Water resistant: 160 meters
Max current: 20A
Pin number: 3
Type: Female
Nut compliance: M16
Thread length: 5.6 mm
Lower part diameter: 22 mm
Material: Aluminium 7075, black anodized
1x 3-Pin Female Connector
1x O-ring